How we work differently from others -

100% Hack Proof Teen Patti Game

When we talk about a multiplayer game like Teen Patti and if the real money is involved safe guarding the game against hackers becomes absolutely necessary. This can only be acheived if the game logic runs on external server instead of client end, eg Mobile or PC. Since a user will be in full control of his mobile or PC the chances of game being hacked can greatly increase. We will provide you the safest and the most secure Teen Patti game which even the best hackers will find impossible to hack.

Lowest Cost Guaranted

You will surely be surprised by the prices we are offering without compromising the quality, infact we will make the game for free if you find lower prices than ours. We want to clarify that in no way our product will be inferior, we are establishing ourselves and that's why working in extremly low margins.

6 Months Free Maintenance

You will be amazed by the quality of support you will get from us and all the server cost and database management will be provided for free for first 6 months.

Payment Gateway and Real Money integration

Users will be able to add money or withdraw money from within the game if its a real money based game. Google , Apple or any third party payment gateways can easily be integrated.

Lightning Fast Servers

As Game servers will be all over the world so top notch user experience is guaranted.

State of Art Look and Feel

Best in class eye catching design with some of the most awesome sound effects and animations will surely leave your users awe struck and they would never be wanting to play any other game besides yours.

Full Fledged Admin Panel

Track all your game activity like transations made within the game, tracking users, banning suspicious users, activate or deactivate game features in real time, analytics data etc from fully secure password protected extensive admin panel.

Other Features

Other features such as Playing with Facebook Friends, Sharing, Push Notifications, Ads integration, Analytics , Text chats, Voice Chats , User Account Management etc can all be easily implemented.

You don't have to spend a single rupee until you are fully satisfied, just work with us once and you will always wanna stick to us that's the kind of quality we bring to the table.

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